The Entrepreneur

In 1987, Harald Glööckler founded the fashion label “POMPÖÖS“.
First, he ran the boutique “POMPÖÖS“ in Stuttgart together with his partner, Dieter Schroth. They celebrated big couture shows with world stars and thus, he established his reputation in the fashion world. The plan, to attract attention first and then win fame with extravagant shows and an excentric design in order to get into the license business worked out well.
Meanwhile, Harald Glööckler has granted numerous licenses and sold his products via partners in more than 80 countries of the world.
A sensational history of success

For an entrepreneur, everything is “his” job!
If you want to be and stay successful in life,
you are responsible for even the smallest things.
If you are self-employed, that means in the truest sense of the word,
Doing things yourself and all the time.
As an entrepreneur, you should be well informed about everything
and continuously educate yourself about all matters,
acquire profound knowledge.
If you want to archive great things, you have to learn, to educate yourself and above all, do new things
dare. You mustn’t stand still because today’s success
may already be out of stock tomorrow.