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Booking Harald Glööckler as a Speaker

When we realize that we are powerful instead of powerless (as we were taught), when we learn that we are creators instead of receivers, when we realize that there are no limitations but those we have created ourselves,when we free ourselves from all these barriers and fears to fail, to fall, to stumble, to lose everything, when we become aware that we have created them ourselves or they were just talked into us and none of that really exists, then, and only then we really begin to live.

What is this thing we call life? It is a gift that needs to be discovered.

Reality and truth

Many of us humans confuse reality with truth. These are two completely different things.
Truth is beyond reality, because reality is a projection, a fallacy, and ready at any moment to take any desired form. We are constantly reshaping our reality, and thus our circumstances and our lives.

Education is everything

Nowadays, the excuse that people coming from humble or poor backgrounds would have no opportunities and chances for education is just ridiculous. If you want to, you can. But you have to want to.

We simply have to express our desires in our imagination and create the world we hope for.
I realized very soon that we can and must shape our own lives. You can achieve everything in life. But to do so, you first have to get an idea of what you want and want to create in your life, how you intend to shape and spend your life, and, above all, what you expect from your life.
Actually, you should always expect the best and get the optimum. The cosmos does not care whether we are satisfied with less or live in luxury. It is our decision to accept the Creator's gift in its magnificent, infinite fullness.